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Prussian Carp and Goldfish Online Report

Prussian carp and goldfish are aquatic invasive species found in Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan. Considering the threat they pose to Alberta’s aquatic ecosystems, Prussian carp and goldfish should not be returned to the water if they are caught, and understanding their distribution is vital. Efforts to track the population status of these invasive fish would normally be costly and time-consuming, however, there are >270,000 anglers in Alberta who may be able to assist in these efforts.

Anglers like yourself reporting sightings of Prussian carp and goldfish is important for understanding the distribution of these invasive species, and thus controlling the populations.

Email the details of your sighting or contact us at, or submit the form below to report your sighting:

Coordinates preferred, but general area is acceptable (e.g. "Red Deer River, ~5km south of Drumheller")
Prussian carp (Carassius gibelio)

  • Typically in faster-moving waters (rivers, streams).
  • Normally silvery-brown. Gold types exist.
  • Around 10-35cm.
  • Adults have 29-33 scales along lateral line (nose to tail).
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Alberta’s invasive fish species
U.S. Fish and Wildlife description

Goldfish (Carassius auratus)

  • Typically in slow-moving waters (lakes, ponds, slow streams).
  • Normally olive-bronze to deep golden, fading to silver on belly, with darker fins. Gold types exist.
  • Around 10-48cm.
  • Adults have less than 31 scales along lateral line (nose to tail).
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You can include multiple fish in a submission if they are of the same species and are caught on the same day, in the same location
Picture should be clear, perpendicular to camera, and filling up the frame. All fish being submitted should be photographed.
Please review the following, or click here to download a copy.